Synchronized skating, or “synchro” is a specialized discipline of skating involving groups of eight or more skaters performing various group formations and maneuvers. The objective is for the team to perform as one unit executing circles, blocks, lines, wheels and intersections in unison to the music, while demonstrating quality edges, power and flow.

Photo of synchronized skaters

Synchro is a team program that has grown in popularity in Skate Canada. We have four levels of synchro, three of which will compete throughout the season. The Beginner synchro is an entry level, Pre Juvenile, Juvenile and Intermediate are more competitive, and Adult is recreational for our Adult skaters. Skaters in these programs also skate in our Star or Comp sessions.

Adult Synchro

This program is open to STARSkaters who have passed their preliminary test and are 18+ years of age. For more information about the synchro teams, please contact the KWSC Office.

If you’d like to try one of our Adult sessions, please arrange a time with our Membership Services Coordinator.

Adult Synchro sessions take place on Sundays at 8:45 - 9:45 pm.

Photo of synchronized skaters