KWSC is proud to give back to the community by offering our SchoolSkate program, which aims to provide opportunities to children who would otherwise not learn to skate.

Until recently, schools were able to provide some introduction to skating; however, most unstructured school skating opportunities are offered late from a physical literacy development perspective, and the experience can be intimidating and exclusionary for those without access to skating equipment, or with limited skating proficiency. Recent insurance and helmet issues have prevented most schools in our region from offering skating activities.

We have developed a way to overcome these problems by providing high quality structured learn-to-skate instruction taught by professional coaches during school hours when ice is readily available. Grade 1 students come to RIM Park for five weekly 50-minute skating lessons. While schools across all socioeconomic backgrounds participate, we have been able to find some financial partners who specifically help high needs schools to enjoy the program.

Grade One teachers interested in SchoolSkate are invited to contact Tammy Van Scheyndel, KWSC SchoolSkate Lead

Thank you to our generous sponsors who make this program possible.