We are K-W's exclusive Skate Canada sanctioned skating club, and one of Canada's leading figure skating training centres. We offer singles, pairs, dance, and synchronized skating programs for beginners through to elite athletes.

Our training complex consists of four Olympic-sized rinks, one rink specially designed for figure skating with mirrors and no boards, a gym, a studio with mirrored and hardwood floors, jump training harnesses, electric spinners, and food concessions.

KWSC Skaters get the advantage of having everything they need in one place to help them achieve their skating goals. Our staff includes professional coaches and choreographers ranging from beginners to international level. We have coaches who specialize in skill development and those who focus on competitive training for singles, dance, or pairs. Our off-ice training team comprises experts in off-ice technical jump training, figure skating-specific conditioning, flexibility, dance, artistry, music interpretation, and more.

Long-Term Development Pathway from Skate Canada.

Skate Canada is continuing to develop resources specific to other participants including our adult community and participants with disabilities. These resources will be made available once completed.


STAR 1-10

Skills, Tests, Achievement, Recognition - this is what STARSkate is about!

STARSkate offers opportunities for skaters of all ages to develop fundamental figure skating skills in the areas of ice dance, skating skills, free skate and interpretive skating. Unique to Canada, this program teaches figure skating skills in a group and/or private lesson format in a progressive and sequential manner. Skaters have the opportunity to take Skate Canada Tests through a nationally standardized testing system.

Skaters who want to join our competitive program usually start with our STAR program before moving into the competitive one.

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Skaters interested in Figure Skating and moving beyond Canskate can transition to the Group STAR or Jr. Academy program.

Jr. Academy
The Jr. Academy program follows a year of the CanSkate Gold Group program. It is a 2-day commitment focusing on the advanced skating skills for the purpose of moving to STAR/Competitive Development programs. Skaters complete the CanSkate program and transition into the STAR 1-5, where they complete their first Figure Skating test of STAR 1 Skills or FreeSkate. Competitive Base Coaches will lead the program while monitoring and tracker skater advancements. The Technical Director will be part of the instructor’s team on a regular basis to monitor progress. 

The Group STAR program is the next step from the Canskate program. Skaters working on Stage 5 and 6 would be encouraged to skate in this program twice a week.  There will be group instruction included within this program but it is considered a transition program leading into Star 1-2. In this program skaters will complete Stage 5 and work towards their first Figure Skating test of STAR 1 Skills and FreeSkate in preparation for their transition into our Figure skating program. There is an opptional fitness component with this program offered once per week.

The requirement to graduate from the Group STAR program will be the completion of two (2) of the following STAR 1 tests: the Free Skate Test (jumps & spins), and the Skills Test (skating abilities). If a skater achieves these two (2) tests during a season, they will be able to find a private coach, and if space permits, add an extra session on top of their current Group STAR sessions and start training with their new Base Coach. At the end of the season, skaters will officially be graduating from the Group STAR program and register for the next season into STAR 1-5 sessions.

Intro STAR (STAR 1-4)
This is an entry level figure skating program that follows the guidelines of Skate Canada STAR program.  An introduction to Skills, Freeskate and Dance is offered as a Group lesson with a Base Coach. Skaters are encouraged to skate 2 or 3 times per week in this program. There is a fitness component with this program.

STAR 4-7 is now referred to as Competitive Development.  This program is designed to focus on the Freeskate component and skaters will be advised to skate a minimum of 4-5 times per week year round.  Skaters will be directed into this program through their base coach and Technical Director. Skaters will be encouraged to compete at a pre Sectional level, Provincial level and beyond.  Training and expectations are more intense at this level. There is a fitness component with this program and possible fitness testing for skaters.

STAR 6-10+ Gold is the highest level of the STAR program. Skaters are advised to skate 3-4 times per week year round and will also be encouraged to compete at the Star level. Skaters at this level focus on Skate Canada testing for Skills, Freeskate and Dance in order to achieve their Gold tests. There is a fitness component with this program.

STAR 16+
STAR 16+ is a program designed for skaters that were former skaters or possibly new Teen/Adult skaters that would like to obtain private lessons as a part of their training. There is a fitness component once a week for this program.


The Kitchener-Waterloo Skating Club is one of Canada's leading competitive figure skating training centres. We have a world-class training facility with excellent professional coaches, a dedicated figure skating ice pad without boards, an athletics centre, personal trainers, as well as dance and pilates studios.

We are proud of our current and former competitive skaters including Olympic Silver medalists Kirsten Moore-Towers and Dylan Moscovitch, Olympic Ice Dance Champions Tessa Virue and Scott Moir, Four Continents Ice Dance Champions Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje, and many others.

Competitive Singles, Pairs, and Dance sessions are designed for the skaters competing at a Sectional, Challenge and National level. Skaters who qualify for this level skate year round and have two sessions per day as well as a fitness component. Some higher caliber Competitive Development (STAR 4-7) skaters can transition from one session to 2 or 3 times per week (if space allows) to benefit from the competitive environment.  KWSC prides ourselves in developing many former National and Olympic athletes.  It is our vision to continue to build our competitive program from the grassroots and beyond. Skate Canada has encouraged a “Skate for Life” model that KWSC is proud to offer our community.

All KWSC skating programs are developed and overseen by our Technical Director, Canadian Champion and two-time Olympian, Anabelle Langlois-Hay.


Our singles program is designed for skaters that wish to excel in the world of competitive figure skating. This program is coached by our Base Coaches. We offer specifically tailored on-ice and off-ice programs to help skaters achieve their goals. Minimum criteria are set by our Technical Director. At present, participation in this program requires successfully landing of a single axel and two consistent double jumps, competing at STAR 5 or above. (Criteria subject to change annually).

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Program Requirement: Please consult with your base coach for appropriate training program and schedule. This program accommodates skaters training in the discipline of dance pairs from the primary to international level.

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Program Requirement: Please consult with your base coach for appropriate training program and schedule. This program accommodates skaters training in the discipline of freeskate pairs from the primary to international level.

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Our competitive skaters are committed to excellence and must abide by our competitive skaters code of conduct and agreement. In addition to their on-ice training, competitive skaters must attend mandatory fitness classes, and are expected to maintain a high fitness level. 

The Technical Director may, at their discretion, move a skater to a higher or lower session to provide the best training environment for all.


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