KWSC is governed by a group of elected volunteer directors responsible for organizational oversight, policies, evaluation, and strategic planning. Our directors serve as fiduciaries of the organization and are responsible for ensuring that KWSC is adequately resourced to advance our mission. The Board of Directors' mandate includes steering KWSC towards a sustainable future by adopting sound governance and financial management practices and policies.


President Alison Sims -
Past President Paul Mallet
Vice-President - Finance Jill Brush
Vice-President - Operations Carolyn Moss
Secretary Stefanie Wright
Coaches' Representative Melinda Kunhegyi
Director Sameh Gam
Director Natalia Grichina
Director Mike Levinski
Director Olga Petcherkina
Director Gordon Robson
Director Stefanie Wright
Director Yiyu Xie
Honorary Director Carolyn Fedy


  • KWSC Constitution and By-laws


KWSC's success depends critically on a Board of Directors composed of individuals with high integrity who represent a broad range of perspectives, skills, and experience. We have worked closely with Capacity Canada to develop best practices in board governance and board succession planning. If you are interested in serving on our Board of Directors, please contact Paul Mallet, Past President and Chair of the Nominations/Elections Committee at for more information on this process.


  • KWSC 2016-2021 Strategic Plan


"Our vision is to be a world-class skating centre for the entire community”

Our vision is to provide the entire community with the highest quality skating programs that focus on skater development and enjoyment of the sport. All our programs will employ best practices in the industry to deliver a leading edge training curriculum both on and off the ice. Our skaters will possess a strong club identity and sense of belonging, gained through their training, as well as team-building opportunities such as shows, exhibitions, and other club experiences.

Given our history, large grass-roots membership base, location, excellent facilities, and strong community support, an opportunity now exists for KWSC to build our capacity and performance in singles skating. We believe the time is right for us to become a world-class skating centre that will develop outstanding athletes in all skating disciplines.