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The Athletic Centre is a 5000ft2 fitness centre located inside the Carolyn Fedy Skating Centre within the Manulife Sportsplex and Healthy Living Centre at RIM Park.

We offer fitness memberships and personal training to the general public, as well as elite athletic conditioning and sport-team training.

Our facility is also home to The Rotation Room in KW.

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The Athletic Centre at RIM Park includes a fully equipped fitness facility that provides convenient access to off-ice conditioning, training services, and assessments for our skaters. The staff at the Athletic Centre are certified and experienced with working with young athletes, and also provide personal training, team training, and fitness training services to the general public.

Day passes, as well as seasonal and annual memberships to the Athletic Centre, are also available for the general public.


P:  (519) 886-5972 ext. 230



No signup fees or hidden costs! 

  • 3 Month Membership: $105
  • 6 Month Membership: $200
  • Reduced Annual Membership 6 am-3 pm Monday to Friday: $290
  • Annual Membership (Full Access): $355

*Reduced membership rates are available for parents of skaters enrolled in KWSC Programs, individuals and groups affiliated with the City of Waterloo, Waterloo Sports Medicine and Waterloo Minor Soccer*

Affiliate Group
50% Family of KWSC skater or family (spouse or children), KWSC Office or AC staff, Coach or Fitness Instructor
25% City of Waterloo Employee (or players of other sports groups that play/practice in RIM Park, such as Speed Skating, Soccer or Hockey)
20% Waterloo Sports Medicine Employee or Client 

No discounted rates on 1 month memberships


Each week, the Athletic Centre provides over 16 off-ice training classes for skaters of the KW Skating Club. Classes are structured taking into account the various windows of trainability indicated in the Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD) published by Skate Canada.

Classes include:

  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Flexibility
  • Jump classes
  • Modern dance
  • Ballet


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