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Kitchener, May 16, 2023 – On Tuesday night, Carolyn Moss was presented with the prestigious 2023 Kitchener Sports Association (KSA) Volunteer of the Year Award for her exceptional dedication to the Kitchener Waterloo Skating Club (KWSC). The accolade was bestowed upon Carolyn during the KSA Banquet held in recognition of outstanding contributions to sports in the community.

For over eighteen years, Carolyn has been an integral part of KWSC, actively involved in various capacities. Notably, she served as a Board Member for six years, contributing her time and expertise to the organization's governance. Additionally, Carolyn's support extended to behind-the-scenes for shows, skating programs and competitions, as well as personally participating in the Adult Skating Program.

Carolyn's remarkable talent lies in her mastery of costume design and sewing. Over the past decade, she has led the KWSC Costume Committee as Chair, showcasing her creativity and resourcefulness. Carolyn's ability to craft unique costumes and her recent initiative in forming a team of skilled sewers allowed for the production of costumes for over 250 skaters in the KWSC Ice Show. Her commitment to excellence extends beyond the club, as she has generously loaned KWSC's costumes to clubs across the province and as far as Newfoundland. Carolyn's efforts have amplified the skaters' performances, ensuring they look and feel incredible.

Aside from her creative flair, Carolyn's exceptional organizational skills have proven invaluable to KWSC. As the Secretary of the KWSC Board of Directors, she meticulously maintained accurate records and willingly assumed additional responsibilities when needed. Carolyn actively participated in the development of a multi-year strategic plan for the Club and contributed to a comprehensive recovery plan following the challenges of the pandemic.

A devoted enthusiast of synchronized skating, Carolyn's involvement has spanned various roles, including her own participation on the adult synchronized skating team and supporting her own children in skating. As the Manager of the synchronized skating teams, she skillfully managed finances, organized fundraisers, coordinated activities, arranged choreography, and ensured everyone was well-informed and entertained.

Moreover, Carolyn assumed the role of Chair of the Awards Committee, consistently exhibiting integrity and fairness in her execution of the awards process. Whether formally or informally, she readily offers her assistance at almost every KWSC event. Carolyn's remarkable dedication to the Club was previously acknowledged when she received the Volunteer of the Year award in 2018 and the Mark Psutka award, which recognizes volunteers who embody a passion for figure skating and serve as role models.

Carolyn's unwavering commitment to KWSC has been truly remarkable, sometimes surpassing the demands of her full-time job. Her relentless pursuit of excellence, paired with her humble recognition of others' achievements, makes her an invaluable member of any team.

KWSC extends its deepest gratitude to Carolyn Moss for her exceptional volunteerism and congratulates her on receiving the 2023 KSA Volunteer of the Year Award for KWSC. Her remarkable contributions and unwavering support have enriched the KWSC community for years, and she serves as an inspiration to all.

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