See our Learn-to-Skate FAQs for equipment requirements, registration instructions, and other important information.

SPRING REGISTRATION is FULL - May 3 will be the next start date for new programs


If you require funding assitance in the Region you can reach out to Leisure Access funds. Links below for the application


Spring 2021 Learn to Skate Programs and Pricing  ​​​​

Gold Group (invite only)

Parent & Tot 

CanSkate A Ages 3-6 

CanSkate B  Ages 4-8 

CanSkate C Ages 7-12

Teen CanSkate  12-17

Adult CanSkate  18+

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to COVID-19 updated protocols, we can only welcome back those skaters who have passed CanSkate Stage 2 or equivalent. However, Stage 1 skaters can join if they are able to get up on their own and manoeuvre without hands-on assistance.  Currently, in an effort to protect our coaches and skaters, KWSC Covid-19 policies are strictly following physical distancing requirements from public health. Therefore, coaches are not able to physically assist skaters in any manner, including helping children/skaters up after they have fallen down.  Please review the Stage 1 qualifications below to determine if your child/skater is eligible for Fall 2020 Programs.


Skaters MUST be able to do the following:

  • Get up on their own (after falling down)
  • Forward push/glide sequence
  • Forward 2-foot glide
  • Forward 2-foot sit glide
  • Backward 2-foot skating/walking
  • Backward 2-foot glide
  • 2-foot Turn
  • 2-foot Jump

If you determine that your child/skater can do some of these skills and are able to get up on their own from the ice, then please go ahead and register.  Please note that if the coach determines your child cannot get up on their own without requiring the coach to physically assist your child, then your child may need to be removed from the program in order to protect the health and safety of both the coach and the child. This decision will be made by the coach after the second session on the ice. If your child cannot complete the program, KWSC will credit your account for the remaining sessions.   

*Stage 1 qualifications come from Skate Canada's Report Cards. They are not determined by KWSC.



Includes: STAR 1-10, Competitive Development, Competitive Singles, Dance Pairs, Freeskate Pairs, and Synchro.


Please register for the approved sessions from your coaches. 

Star/Comp Spring 2021 Programs+Price Sheet

 Youth Group Star Registration Here 

Adult Group Star Registration

Synchro Registration 

Star  1-10 Registration

Competitive Dance

Competitive Singles -Sessions at 1:10, 2:20pm, 3:30pm

Open Sessions for Private Lessons

Open Session Guidelines

Open Sessions are private lessons in small groups with skaters of similar skating ability. Open Sessions are available for any KWSC or Twin City Hockey Skating School member. Open Sessions must be approved by Pat teBoekhorst, Technical Director, and payment must be made via Uplifter* prior to stepping on the ice. 

Guests are permitted to join Open Sessions, however, Pat teBoekhorst must be contacted for permission, and to ensure the guest skaters or coaches have up-to-date guest contracts.

All skaters joining an Open Session must have a valid Skate Canada Membership. 

Includes Pre-Power, Power 1, 2, 3, & 4.
Pre-Power will not be offered at this time. 


If you require funding assitance in the Region you can reach out to Leisure Access funds, KidSport, and Jump Start. Links below for the application


Please note: The private lessons (Open Power Sessions) have additional fees. Skaters should only register if a coach has directed them to a session. All Open Session fees are final sales and non-refundable. 

We offer power skating programs throughout the year through our Twin City Hockey Skating School. Currently, our power skating programs are on hold until further notice. 

Twin City Hockey Skating School logo For more information and to register, please visit our Twin City Hockey Skating School website.