Slice of Ice and Guest Skating are no longer available at KWSC. In their place, Open Sessions will now be available.

Open Session Guidelines

Open Sessions must be approved by Pat teBoekhorst, Technical Director, and payment must be made via Uplifter prior to stepping on the ice. Open Session fees are $20.00/session

Guests are permitted to join Open Sessions, however, Pat teBoekhorst must be contacted for permission, and to ensure the guest skaters or coaches have up to date guest contracts.

Open Session Requests

Open Sessions Monday through Friday must be requested & approved 24 hours before the session.

Weekend Sessions (Sat/Sun) must be approved by Friday, at 9:00pm.

For additional information or to inquire about Open Sessions, please contact us at 


Star, Competitive, and Power Skating Ice Times

Star/Comp Open Session Times

Power Skating Open Sessions Times