Skaters of the Month - MARCH

Anna Afanaseva

Anna is a 7-year-old STAR2 Skater who started her CanSkate Program at the age of 6. Anna is coached by Carleigh MacDonald, Steven Adcock and Liam MacDonald. Anna is passionate about jumps, spins, and SPEED! Anna's goal is to land a single-axle and a double-toe loop.

When she isn't on the ice, Anna loves making crafts, playing the piano,  as well as reading comic books in English AND Russian. Anna also enjoys spending time doing lots of outdoor activities such as biking, roller skating, skiing and rock climbing.

Boyd Stark

Boyd started skating at the age of 2 following in the "skate-steps" of his older siblings. Boyd planned on completing his STAR5 level this season, and he really enjoys performing in his programs as well as creative improv. Along with figure skating, Boyd plays rep. hockey as a goalie - there have been many instances of Boyd bouncing between one rink to another, switching sports and skates as he goes!

When Boyd isn't in the rink, he enjoys playing box lacrosse, playing Minecraft, reading, singing, and hanging out with his dog Willow. Boyd spent this past winter enjoying practicing his skating skills, and one-on-one hockey with his brother in their backyard rink.

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