Skater of the Month - NOVEMBER

Congratulations to our December Skaters of the Month, Sydney and Eric!

Sydney and Eric have been skating together in ice dance for 8 years. This year marks their second year at the Junior level. Both Eric (18) and Sydney (17) started skating in the KWSC Canskate program at the ages of 4 and 3 years of age, respectively.

It has been quite a year for Sydney and Eric with the pandemic interrupting their training from mid-March until early June. Sydney and Eric were not sure what kind of competitive year that they were going to have, however, despite all of the uncertainty, they preserved through all the various obstacles and won the bronze medal at the 2021 Skate Ontario Sectional Championship on November 11/12, 2020. It was a very different competition with a video submission that was reviewed by a panel of judges, with results coming back a week later also by video!

Coached by Paul Macintosh, Rebecca Babb, and Tyler Morris, Sydney and Eric are also involved in ballet and ballroom dancing as part of their off-ice training. When they are not training, Eric and Sydney are busy with online high school and part-time work and other non-skating activities such as computer games.

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