PA of the Month - EVAN ZUGAJ
Evan began skating at the age of 6. He became a PA because he wanted to give back to the community. While he was learning to skate, he looked up to the coaches who taught him, so he decided to take on that role himself. "I like helping children learn to skate like I did and all the experience and everything I've learned with my time as being a PA."
Outside of PA'ing, Evan is a leader in the athletic council at school and also plays a lot of hockey. He also apprentice's at Chicopee helping children learn how to ski!

Skater of the Month - Mackenzie Read 
Mackenzie began skating at the age of 9. What she likes the best about skating with Coach Victoria is that there is always a physical and mental challenge, and there is always something harder to try. As tiring as the off-ice is ("and it can be exhausting!") she really likes how it pushes her to become a better athlete. "I also love the atmosphere at the rink - being around the other skaters, coaches, and trainers. I'd be there al the time if I could!"
Outside of skating, Mackenzie loves math and the challenges it brings, especially discussing physics. She also likes baking and creating new recipies, reading, listening to music, and playing the cello and ukulele.

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