PA of the Month – CONNOR EDWARDS
Connor began skating at the age of 2. He chose to become a PA with KWSC because he loves skating and also likes helping out in his community. Connor likes helping kids learn how to skate and thinks that it is a great way to start his volunteering experience. “The thing I like best about being a PA is helping the kids up when they fall and pushing them to achieve their greatest potential.”
Outside of skating, Connor is 13 years old and going into Grade 9 next year! He has a younger sister and baby brother. Connor loves being outdoors and playing a variety of sports such as hockey, skiing and swimming. 

Skater of the Month – JEFFREY CHEN
Jeffrey began skating at age 5. He used to skate in Guelph, but now skates with Coach Dianne here at KWSC. Over the summer, Jeffrey was invited to join KWSC and liked it so much he decided to stay with KWSC.
Outside of skating, Jeffrey really likes math. He attends a math class every Saturday. He also attends Chinese lessons on Fridays with his best friend and his mother. Connor really likes ‘stuffies’, with his favourite being Pusheens because “they are really cute and snugly.” His favourite animal is a mouse “because they’re really small and they can fit in small spaces so most of the time they are really cozy and comfy.”

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