Mariah McCaw &  Steven Adcock Senior Pair 2nd 
Owen Brawley & Mackenzie Ripley Novice Pair 2nd
Sydney Embro & Eric Millar Novice Dance 8th
Angela Ling & Quinn Bisson Novice Dance 5th
Sopia Strachan & Everest Zhu Junior Dance 5th
Bridgette LeDonne & Jakub Smal Junior Dance 7th
Sasha Grichine & Aiden Dotzert Pre Novice Dance 7th
Lily Wilberforce & Aidan Wright Pre Novice Pair 1st 
Carolyn Kravetz           Juvenile U12 Women 12th
Jenna Rose Pre Juvenile U11 Women 18th
Jessica Lahosky Juvenile U14 Women 18th
Keanna Davidson Pre Novice Women 19th
Lily Wilberforce Juvenile U14 Women 6th
Natasha Tymko Junior Women 4th
Kailyn Davidson STAR 5 O13 Women 1st 
Emily Birrell STAR 5 U13 Women 15th
Kieran Deeley Pre Novice Men 10th
Mackenzie Read Pre Juvenile U13 Women 7th




Aidan began skating when he was just three years old and joined KWSC’s CanSkate program when he was five years old so he could further develop his skills in order to play hockey.  

In 2009 Aidan started figure skating competitively and also continued to play hockey with the Kitchener Junior Rangers. When he was thirteen years old he decided to give up hockey to focus on figure skating.

Aidan was in the competitive Dance Program for four years. In 2016, he and his partner received the Gold medal in Juvenile Dance at the Ontario Provincial Championships and placed 7th in Pre-Novice Dance at the 2017 Skate Canada Challenge.

Aidan joined the Pairs program in February of 2017. In his first year of Pairs, with his partner Lily Wilberforce, they won the Gold medal at the Ontario Championships and received the Bronze medal in Pre-Novice Pairs at the 2018 Skate Canada Challenge. Aidan is currently coached by Kris Wirtz and Kristy Sargeant-Wirtz  and loving the Pairs program. He is looking forward to a successful competitive season with partner, Lily!

This September, Aidan will be going into Grade 12 at Grand River Collegiate in Kitchener. Outside of skating, Aidan enjoys spending time with family and friends, going to the movies, swimming, playing video games, travelling and photography. Aidan also spends his free time supporting and cheering for his sister Meghan as she plays goal in the hockey net.


Mary began skating at age four and chose to volunteer as a PA for KWSC because she enjoys helping younger skaters and hopes to make a positive impact on someone’s life.  Mary remembers PAs helping her as a CanSkater, so she wanted to do the same! She likes watching new skaters improve and encouraging them to do their best.

Outside of skating, Mary participates in karate, swimming, playing the piano and taking voice lessons. She likes reading, making crafts, drawing and playing with her dogs and teaching them new tricks- especially with her one year old bichon frise/shih tzu puppy, Muffin. Mary also has a thirteen year old blind black poodle.

Skate Ontario Sectional Series - Minto Summer Skate 2018 - KWSC Results!

We are so proud of our talented and hardworking skaters who competed at the Skate Ontario Sectional Series - Minto Summer Skate in Ottawa over the weekend. In preparation for this competition, KWSC would like to send a big thank you to our team of dedicated coaches for their constant support and guidance.

Kitchener-Waterloo Skating Club Results

Mariah McCaw and Steven Adcock Senior Pair SP 47.58 (1)  FP 100.18 (1)  

147.76 (1st)

Mackenzie Ripley and Owen Brawley Novice Pair SP 31.23 (1) 66.20 (1)   97.43 (1st)
Lily Wilberforce and Aidan Wright Pre Novice Pair SP 26.85 (1) FP 48.82 (1)   75.67 (1st)
Sophia Strachan and Everest Zhu Junior Dance SP 39.67 (15) FP 66 (11)   105.67 (14th)
Bridget Ledonne and Jakub Smal Junior Dance SP 35.79 (16) FP 56.37 (17)   92.15 (17th)
Sydney Embro and Eric Millar Novice Dance PDKP – SWSq 10.54 (8) PDKP – ATSq 15.56 (1) FD 57.85 (6) 83.95 (5th)
Sasha Grishine and Aiden Dotzert Pre Novice Dance PDTA 8.36 (9) PDBL 7.52 (9) FD 24.14 (10) 40.02 (11th)
Natasha Tymko Junior Women SP 34.60 (13) FP 56.34 (16)   90.94 (15th
Eric Millar Novice Men SP 23.25 (8) FP 51.55 (5)   74.80 (7th)
Everest Zhu Novice Men SP 32.40 (2) FP 45.40 (10)   77.80 (4th)




Saturday, September 8th & 9th

On and Off Ice Sessions featuring Canadian former competitive skater and Olympian, Jeffrey Langdon; Flexafit Founder, Signe Ronka; Choreographer Susie McGrigor; Professor of Sport and Exercise Psychology at WLU, Kim Dawson; and KWSC Sport Nutritionist, Peter Aivaliotis.

Registration Levels
Level 1: skaters landing loop, flip, lutz and working on axel.
Level 2: skaters landing axel ,double salchow, double toe
Level 3: skaters landing double loop-double axel

Saturday, September 8 from 8am-5pm
Sunday, September 9 from 8am-1pm

Carolyn Fedy Skating Centre, RIM Park

Registration NOW OPEN!
Please register for the appropriate level at

KWSC Member Price: $75

Non-KWSC Members Price*: Skaters $125 | Coaches: $50
Registration opens after August 18

Cancellation of this seminar is non-refundable once registration has been processed and the seminar is less than 7 days from starting. The only exception is in the case of a KWSC approved medical withdrawal upon receipt of a Medical Doctor’s note. There are no refunds of base fee, Skate Canada fee and fundraising fee.

KWSC - A guide to our program selections


The Enrichment program is now referred to as, the“fast track” program. Skaters are identified within the Canskate program by the Technical Director and placed into a group with a fast track coach for one complete year (3-4 sessions).  The fast track coach will be consistent throughout the year and skaters are encouraged to continue with this coach into the private lesson stage upon completion of the “fast track” program. There is a maximum of 6 skaters in each of the “fast track” program that will take place in every Canskate program.  Skaters and parents will be notified by the Technical Director if their child has shown advanced learning skills and would fit into this program. 


Group Star

The Group Star program is designed to follow the Canskate program. Skaters working on Stage 5 and 6 would be encouraged to skate in this program twice a week.  There will be group instruction included within this program but it is considered a transition program leading into Star 1-2. There is a fitness component with this program once per week.


Star 1-2

Intro to Figure skating is no longer offered.  Skaters leaving fast track or Canskate and moving into private lessons are encouraged to register for a two day Tues/Sat Star 1-2 program with a selected coach.  Former Intro to FS skaters that have not selected a coach may contact Pat teBoekhorst, Technical Director, for recommendations. The program will follow the guidelines of Skate Canada Star 1-2 with an introduction of Skills, Freeskate and Dance. There is a fitness component associated with this program.

Star 1-2 is an entry level figure skating program that follows the guidelines of Skate Canada Star program.  An introduction to Skills, Freeskate and Dance is provided in a group private lesson setting with a Base coach. Skaters are encouraged to skate 2 or 3 times per week in this program. There is a fitness component with this program.


Star 3-5

Star 3-5 is also a Star program at a more advanced level which follows Skate Canada guidelines.  Skaters are more inclined to start competing at this level and will likely be encouraged, by their private coach, to skate a minimum of 3 days per week year round. There is a fitness component with this program.

Competitive Development

Star 4-7 is now referred to as Competitive Development.  This program is designed to focus on the Freeskate component and skaters will be advised to skate a minimum of 4-5 times per week year round.  Skaters will be directed into this program through their base coach and Technical Director. Skaters will be encouraged to compete at a pre Sectional level, Provincial level and beyond.  Training and expectations are more intense at this level. There is a fitness component with this program and possible fitness testing for skaters.


Star 6-10+

Star 6-10+ is the highest level of the Star program.  Skaters are advised to skate 3-4 times per week year round and will also be encouraged to compete at the Star level. Skaters at this level focus on Skate Canada testing for Skills, Freeskate and Dance in order to achieve their Gold tests. There is a fitness component with this program.

Star 16+

Star 16+ is a program designed for skaters that were former skaters or possibly new Teen/Adult skaters that would like to obtain private lessons as a part of their training. There is a fitness component once a week for this program.



Synchro is a team program that has grown in popularity in Skate Canada.  We have four levels of synchro, three of which will compete throughout the season.  The Beginner 2 synchro is an entry level, Pre Novice and Intermediate are more competitive, and Adult is recreational for our Adult skaters.  Skaters in these programs also skate in our Star or Comp sessions.



Competitive Singles, Pairs, and Dance sessions are designed for the skaters competing at a Sectional, Challenge and National level. Skaters skate year round and have two sessions per day as well as a fitness component.  Competitive Development skaters transition from one session to 2 or 3 times per week to benefit from the competitive environment within each of the competitive disciplines.  KWSC prides themselves in developing many former National and Olympic athletes.  It is our vision to continue to build our competitive program from the grassroots and beyond. Skate Canada has encouraged a “Skate for Life” model that KWSC is proud to offer its community.

Congratulations Mackenzie and Owen!

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