October Skater of the Month is Abby Huo!

The Kitchener Waterloo Skating Club is pleased to announce that Abby Huo has been selected as the October Skater of the Month!

For Abby, figuring skating is a huge part of her life. She started skating at age three and now competes at the Pre Novice level. ‘I love skating, even when I’m falling […] my rink friends always cheer me up after a bad session’.

Abby recently skated in the Pre Novice Women’s category at the Skate Ontario Sectional Series October Hub here at Kitchener Waterloo Skating Club. Coach Melinda Kunhegyi and Michael Farrington are extremely proud of Abby for ‘landing her first double axel and double lutz in competition’.

Most recently, Abby attended a training day as part of Skate Ontario’s Tier 2 Development Team where 30 Pre-Novice and Novice skaters and their coaches participated in on-ice and off-ice activities.

When Abby isn’t on the ice, she is working on her schooling as she hopes to study veterinary or medical science after high school. Outside of school, Abby enjoys travelling and baking, and also volunteers on Waterloo’s Youth Advisory Committee where she works closely with dementia programs in the region. At home, she spends time with her pet gecko and older brother.

Congratulations, Abby! Your KWSC family is so #kwscproud! 

Banner Reveal - Lily and Aidan

On Saturday, October 2nd, the Kitchener Waterloo Skating Club was pleased to unveil Lily Wilberforce and Aidan Wright’s 2020 Canadian Champions Novice Pair Banner! A small celebration was attended by both their families, the club’s Executive Director, Debra Brown, Technical Director, Pat TeBoekhorst, KWSC staff and Coach Alison Purkiss.

A special thanks to Nicolucci Orthodontics for generously sponsoring the banner and ensuring we have some great smiles on the ice!

We are so #kwscproud of Lily and Aidan and continue to support the pair in their skating journey!

Congratulations, Lily and Aidan!

COVID-19 Update - Sept 19, 2021: Proof of Vaccine

September 19, 2021

RE: Proof of Vaccine

Dear Skating Families,

As most of you already will know, the provincial government has announced that beginning September 22, there are new requirements for individuals entering indoor recreation facilities.

Therefore, in order for the Skating Club to protect its members, coaches and staff, as well as comply with government protocols, as of September 22, 2021, all spectators, community members of the Athletic Centre (AC) and skaters (who are 18 years or older) will need to provide proof of full vaccination along with identification to access any program or service operated by KWSC at any location. There are a few exemptions:

  • Children under 12 years of age
  • Skaters under 18 years of age who are actively participating in a KWSC program
  • Individuals with a medical exemption and a written document form a physician or registered nurse extended class or nurse practitioner

All other public health measures (i.e. masking, physical distancing, health screening, etc.) continue to apply to all. This proof of vaccination can be provided either electronically or with a paper copy. The Athletic Centre Membership Services Staff in the AC office will now be asking for ID and proof of vaccination. KWSC has also implemented a Vaccine policy for staff, volunteers, coaches and fitness instructors.

The following new process will be implemented on September 22 at Manulife Sportsplex (formerly RIM Park)


Skaters (under 18) arrive at Manulife Sportsplex a maximum of 15 minutes before their session. Enter through the AC doors (regardless of which rink they will skate in), they should proceed to the rink where they will be skating.

Coaches and/or fitness instructors will continue to take attendance and do a health screening with skaters.

Skaters 18 years of age or older, should proceed to the Athletic Centre Membership Desk to provide their identification and proof of vaccination. Then proceed to the rink.


KWSC is allowing one spectator per skater (in order to ensure capacity limits set by the cities are met). Spectators should complete their health screening online before entering the building. The link is here or can be found on the main page of It is an orange button.

Spectators (of any age) should proceed to the Athletic Centre Membership Desk to provide their identification and proof of vaccination. Then proceed to the rink.

The City of Waterloo is allowing 15 minutes to leave the building after your session. We are recommending that during more heavily populated sessions such as CanSkate, skaters leave the building in their skate guards to save time exiting the rink. We are still awaiting further instructions for City of Kitchener rinks and other rinks in Waterloo (outside of Manulife Sportsplex).

Thank-you for continuing to work with us to provide a safe and positive place for youth and adults to learn to skate and develop their skills.

Debra Brown
Executive Director
Kitchener Waterloo Skating Club

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If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at
For more information about COVID-19, please consult the following trusted resources:

Region of Waterloo Public Health -
Ontario Ministry of Health-
Public Health Agency of Canada -
Skate Ontario -
Skate Canada-

August 16, 2021 - Skating Club Exceeds Excellence Standard


August 16, 2021

Local Skating Club recognized for Excellence

KW Skating Club achieves CanSkate Excellence provincial designation for Learn to Skate programming

Learn to Skate with Nationally Accredited Skating Club Curriculum

Kitchener and Waterloo — August 16, 2021  Kitchener Waterloo Skating Club is pleased to announce it has been recognized by Skate Ontario as exceeding the requirements to be deemed a Skating Club that offers excellence in the delivery of the CanSkate program.  Approximately 30% of Skating Clubs (sanctioned by Skate Ontario) have achieved this quality standard. The CanSkate program teaches youth (and adults) to skate. We hope this is the beginning of a life- long love of ice sports. Many children go on to play hockey, ringette, figure skate, etc. Indeed KWSC has been the home skating club for several Olympic figure skaters.  But it all starts with learning to skate. KWSC’s national body, Skate Canada is recognized as having the best grassroots program in the country. CanSkate, Canada’s flagship learn-to-skate program, emphasizes teaching quality fundamental movements and basic skills.

“KWSC has always offered quality programming, however this designation is a celebration that Skate Ontario, our provincial sports organizations, recognize that our programs are the highest quality.” Says Debra Brown, the Club’s Executive Director.  KWSC has taught approximately 2000 individuals to skate over the past two years alone. KWSC typically operates over 60 programs across 7 locations in KW.  There are many CanSkate programs to choose from allowing for different skill levels, ages and locations.  The CanSkate program is a nationally developed and tested curriculum which is taught by professionally trained Coaches. The CanSkate program was created by Mrs. Carolyn Fedy who has been a part of KWSC since the 1960’s.  She is known as the “Mother of CanSkate in Canada”.

What Parent’s say about the program:

 “My daughter's skating abilities have come a long way in a short time over the past couple years.  She always works very hard, and her success also has much to do with the outstanding instructors at CanSkate who make it a positive learning process.  It's great exercise and plenty of fun, something she looks forward to every weekend.  Another thing worth mentioning, is how well CanSkate has handled everything during this pandemic, and it's comforting to know my child will be in a safe environment again this Fall.”

Randy Keighan

My daughter began lessons in the CanSkate program at the KWSC in January 2020.  We are extremely pleased at the level of attention and encouragement she received and continues to receive from her coaches on the ice.  The fundamentals that are taught in the CanSkate programs create a solid base for all skaters whether they continue in figure skating or hockey and we are excited to see our daughter continue to flourish with the programs offered through KWSC. 

Kimberly Crackel

Founded in 1938, the Kitchener Waterloo Skating Club is the largest skating club in Ontario. We offer a wide range of skating programs including Pre CanSkate, figure skating, synchronized skating and power skating. T

For more information, press only:

Debra Brown, Executive Director, KWSC


For more information on KWSC:

For more information on CanSkate Excellence Recognition Program:



Club Update- July 14th

July 14, 2021

Dear Skating Families,

I am pleased to announce that we are re-opening on Tuesday July 20!

We will have open sessions for figure skating and power skating starting on July 20.  As  well, this summer we’ll offer Learn to Skate and Power Skating programs and a full summer school for our figure skaters in August.  The Athletic Centre will be open to members and skaters on July 20.

KWSC office staff, AC staff and coaches are working hard to get our doors open with all the COVID-19 protocols in place for safety.

What’s changed?

Only 2 metres physical distancing required in the Athletic Centre (AC). It was 3 metres the last time we were open. 

No need to pre-book a space in the Athletic Centre (AC). 

In August, fitness classes for skaters will take place in the AC.

The Carolyn Fedy Skating Centre is under construction, so all skating will take place in the Optimist rink (with a few skaters using Pillars in August). 

What’s the same?

Complete your digital health screening (all staff, coaches and parents).  AC members and skaters will have their screening done in person.

Wear your mask indoors unless you’re exercising. 

Enter and exit through the AC

The KWSC Office remains closed for now. We will re-open for office hours soon, but our priority is to get skaters on the ice ASAP.

Coaches and AC staff take attendance.

Only 1 parent/guardian is allowed, and only if the skater is 17 or younger. 

Both City of Waterloo and KWSC staff will disinfect and we ask all those who enter the building to sanitize. 

Athletic Centre is open to skaters for warm-ups and cool downs.

Fedy rink dressing rooms remain closed.

Thank-you for sticking by us through these unpredictable and challenging months.  We will continue to put the health and well-being of our members and coaches first.  We look forward to welcoming you back!

Debra Brown
Executive Director
Kitchener Waterloo Skating Club

For regular updates, please go to our website ( and on Facebook

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at

For more information about COVID-19, please consult the following trusted resources:

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Public Health Agency of Canada -

Skate Ontario -

Skate Canada


Club Update - July 12th

July 12, 2021

Dear Skating Families,

Thank-you for your patience as the Skating Club works with the cities and Skate Ontario to navigate moving into phase three. With the information we have received last week we are planning and preparing to launch summer programming. We will be reaching out to members this week with more details regarding registration.

We are planning to run some power skating and Learn to Skate programs over the course of August. Again, we will email members once we have confirmed plan and registration available.

Thank you for your continued patience and we are excited to see everyone at the rink in the near future.

Debra Brown
Executive Director
Kitchener Waterloo Skating Club

For more information about the 2019 Novel Coronavirus, please consult the following trusted resources:

Region of Waterloo Public Health - novel-coronavirus.aspx

Ontario Ministry of Health -

Public Health Agency of Canada - 

Skate Ontario -

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