Skaters are enjoying Freezys today after a hard day of training.

Congratulations Skaters!

Congratulations Skaters!

Congratulations to all skaters who competed over this past weekend at the Quebec Summer Competition and Summer Fun Event. Here are the results for all KWSC skaters.

3rd - Junior Dance - Sophia Kagolovskaya & Kieran MacDonald
5th - Novice Dance - Nicole Bolender & Aiden Dotzhert

4th - Star 5 (U10) - Julia Scheerer
7th - Star 5 (U10) - Lila Horvat
9th - Star 5 (U10) - Aniko Horvat
10th - Star 5 (U10) - Kendra Williams
12th - Star 5 (U10) - Linnea Cotter
5th - Star 5 (U13 Group 1) - Vanessa Rios
6th - Star 5 (U13 Group 1) - Terra Paleczny
2nd - Star 5 (U13 Group 2) - Marleigh De Vito
5th - Star 5 (U13 Group 2) - Mary Lamky
6th - Star 5 (U13 Group 2) - Charlotte Lirusso
10th - Star 5 (U13 Group 2) - Lauren Parcels
9th - Star 5 (13&O) - Ainsley DeGroot
11th - Star 5 (13&O) - Charlotte Doyle
3rd - Star 6 Group 1 - Eva Savescu
1st - Star 6 Group 2 - Alexandra Jin
10th - Star 6 Group 2 - Kailyn Davidson
11th - Star 6 Group 2 - Emery Birrell
7th - Star 7 (U12) - Jenna Rose
3rd - Star 7 (12&O) - Sasha Grichine
3rd - Star 9  - Alice Li

Well done skaters for all your hardwork this summer, we wish you all a very succesful season.

Stars On Ice Camp Theme Announcement!

PEACE, LOVE & SKATE is the theme for upcoming Stars On Ice camp!  Get ready to revisist the 60's and 70's with a Hipppie-tastic filled week!


PA of the Month - Hanh Nguyen

Hanh is 9 years old and enjoy to PA because she likes to help kids. Hanh plays the violin and plays for the KW Youth Strings Orchestra. She also is a part of Girl Guides.

Skater of the Month - Gus Bolton

Gus started skating at the age of 4 and is coached by George Han at KWSC and Val Weber at Shallow Lake Skating Club. Gus started skating as he loves to learn new things and had seen older boys at his rink doing some cool tricks.

Gus is 15 years old and going into Grade 10 where he part of the concert, jazz and pit bands. He enjoys going on bike rides with his friends and swimming at his local beach.

Good Luck to KWSC Skaters at Minto Summer Skate!

Good Luck to the following skaters competing at Minto Summer Skate 2019 in Ottawa:

Sydney Embro and Eric Millar - Junior Dance

Sophia Kagolovskaya and Keiran MacDonald - Junior Dance

Nicole Bolender and Aiden Dotzert - Novice Dance

Mackenzie Ripley and Owen Brawley - Junior Pairs


PA of the Month - Roxana Strasun

Roxana began skating at the age of 35 and chose to PA because she wanted to be able to share her passion and help new skaters on their path of learning how to skate. “Working alongside a team of great coaches and seeing skaters progress is the greatest reward and it brings me a lot of joy.”

Outside of skating Roxana enjoys swimming, tennis and reading.

Skater of the Month - Monique Menard

Monique began skating when she was 7 years old and is coached by Melinda and Michael. She likes to skate because it makes her feel joyful and happy! “When music goes on my brain can’t stop thinking of dances.” She would like to do singles and pairs skating.

At home Monique has 2 dogs. She likes to do crafts and write stories. “One thing I like best about myself is that I’m passionate about who I am and I always believe in myself.” Monique has an old brother, Julian, who also skates.

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