KWSC Technical Director, Pat teBoekhorst Announces Retirement from Club

















The Kitchener Waterloo Skating Club would like to announce that Pat TeBoekhorst is retiring from the Club as Technical Director on August 31, 2022.

Pat started at KWSC in April of 2018 during a very transformative year for the Club and immediately rose to the occasion by charging the club forward. Pat has not shied away from the role and has dedicated countless hours, experience, enthusiasm, and passion into the position of Technical Director. 

When she first began her role with KWSC, her aim was to foster an environment of unity, trust and success for athletes, coaches, staff, parents and stakeholders. She certainly did not fail to fulfil this goal as she brought together a community of skaters, all while facing the challenges and restrictions of the pandemic. During Pat’s four years at KWSC, she implemented a high performance fitness program with Flexafit for STAR and competitive figure skaters, enhanced many skating procedures and best practices to align with SkateCanada’s LTD plan, earned KWSC a spot with SkateOntario CanSkate Excellence Recognition Program, created countless competitors that derived from her Jr. Academy program, formed a solid and talented team of Coaches… and the list goes on! 

‘Pat has been a pleasure to work with. Her vast knowledge of figure skating is admirable. She has done so much for the Club. She will be sorely missed’ said Debra Brown, KWSC Executive Director.  

This departure is bitter-sweet as we wish the very best for Pat in her future endeavours, but we are also extremely saddened to say goodbye to such a wonderful leader and role-model. 

On behalf of the entire Club, thank you for everything, Pat! 

KWSC Celebrates Volunteers!

This year from April 24 – 30, National Volunteer Week celebrates the contributions of millions of volunteers across Canada whose empathy, understanding and generosity connect people to their communities. We at the Kitchener Waterloo Skating Club could not agree more with this celebration of volunteers, and would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all our volunteers; past, present and future!

As a not-for-profit organization, our club relies on the help, hard-work, sacrifices and enthusiasm of many dedicated volunteers who show up to assist with test days, competitions, board meetings, special events, CanSkate, and more! 

Join @VolunteerCanada in celebrating Canada’s volunteers from coast-to-coast-to-coast. Every year, millions of Canadians make a difference in their work and in their communities.
#VolunteersBringHeart    #NVW2022    #EmpathyInAction

KWSC Receives Ontario Quest for Gold Funding

The Kitchener Waterloo Skating Club is excited to announce that the club has received a grant from the 2022 Ontario Quest for Gold Fund through the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries and Skate Ontario.  A special thank you to the Hon. Lisa MacLeod, Minister Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries and Laurene Collin-Knoblauch, Skate Ontario Manager of High Performance, for administering this funding which will further allow KWSC to maximize training opportunities for our athletes.

Located inside RIM Park, 2001 University Avenue East, Waterloo, Ontario, at the Carolyn Fedy Skating Centre, KWSC is home to over 1800 members, and at least 300 of these athletes are in involved in the Train to Compete stages of the Podium Pathway. With the Quest for Gold funding, KWSC will add additional strength and conditioning in-person classes run by Signe Ronka, of Flexafit this spring. These classes focus on off-ice jump technique and flexibility, and target athletes in the STARSkate and Competitive skating programs.  

Thank you again for making these very important training opportunities possible for our skaters, coaches and their families. Support like this gives our athletes a competitive advantage and bolsters our off-ice program as skaters move through the stages of the development pathway.

Congratulations Skate Ontario Development Team!

A special congratulations to the following skaters and their coaches for advancing to the SKATE ONTARIO Provincial Development team!


The Kitchener Waterloo Skating Club Celebrates Provincial Support for Learn-to-Skate Programs

OTF Representative, Brian Bourke, MPP Catherine Fife, and Executive Director, Debra Brown with KWSC CansSkate Coaches

Waterloo, Ontario – In 2021, The Kitchener Waterloo Skating Club (KWSC) received a $109,900 grant from the Government of Ontario’s Community Building Fund – Operating stream to support the Club’s Learn-to-Skate programs. This grant, delivered by the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF), has helped the Club cover staffing, ice rental, licensing and equipment costs. It has assisted in keeping program fees affordable for families and allowed the Club to operate the Learn-to-Skate programs in the midst of a pandemic. To celebrate this support, Waterloo MPP Catherine Fife joined the Club on Saturday, March 26 to meet skaters and deliver remarks at the final session of the Club’s current Learn-to-Skate season.

“KWSC offers our community a world-class skating centre and provides local skaters with opportunities for physical activity, social interaction, and a creative opportunity to express oneself,” said Waterloo MPP Catherine Fife. “The last two years have been challenging in so many ways, we are fortunate to have KWSC’s leadership to advocate and open doors to the joy of skating. I am delighted that this grant from the Community Building Fund was entrusted to KWSC to help sustain & build upon your continued success. Congratulations!”

The pandemic has severely affected the Club’s ability to teach the community to skate. In the first year of the pandemic, the Club saw a 73% reduction in the number of people served. This was due to facility shutdowns and even upon opening, physical distancing requirements. This support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation has allowed the Club to continue to deliver quality programming and excellent coaching while adjusting for Public Health requirements and recommendations.  
"Slowly, the Club has been able to expand Learn to Skate programming across Kitchener and Waterloo without increasing fees,” said Debra Brown, Executive Director of the Kitchener Waterloo Skating Club. “As a not for profit organization, our goal is always to charge only what the program costs to deliver, and nothing more. The grant has assisted the Club in covering the increased costs of operating during the pandemic.”

Last winter saw an increased interest in skating as families went outside, away from crowded indoor spaces, for recreation. However, children, teens, and adults can learn to enjoy skating faster with professional instruction. This is where KWSC coaches come in. They are nationally certified and trained to run the SkateCanada sanctioned CanSkate program that is fun, engaging, and effective for people of all ages and abilities. Learning to skate at KWSC not only teaches sport-specific skills, but it also provides a place for children to make friends and empowers them with life skills such as perseverance, goal setting, and an active and healthy lifestyle. KWSC follows a ‘skater first’ philosophy for decision-making and strives to inspire a lifelong passion for excellence through skating.

Established in 1938, the Kitchener-Waterloo Skating Club (KWSC) is a not-for-profit Skate Canada sanctioned organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and supported by a small number of administrative staff, a skilled team of professional coaches, and a dedicated team of volunteers. With over 2000 members, KWSC is one of Ontario’s largest skating clubs. From preschoolers to adults, KWSC have taught thousands to skate. The Club also operates a competitive program that has sent singles skaters, dance pairs, freeskate pairs, and synchronized skating teams to compete in the Canadian Championships, as well as international competitions. Most learn-to-skate programs are available year-round at rinks located throughout the Waterloo Region. If you wish to enquire about the various programs the Kitchener Waterloo Skating Club offers, please visit

The Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) is an agency of the Government of Ontario, and one of Canada’s leading granting foundations. Last year, nearly $112M was invested into 1,384 community projects and partnerships to build healthy and vibrant communities and strengthen the impact of Ontario’s non-profit sector. In 2020/21, OTF supported Ontario’s economic recovery by helping non-profit organizations rebuild and recover from the impacts of COVID-19. Visit to learn more.

COVID-19 Update - December 15, 2021

Dec. 15, 2021

RE: COVID-19 Update

Dear Skating Families,

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, the Club is monitoring the government’s response, and creating the safest path forward for our skaters, staff, volunteers, coaches and families. You may have heard the announcement on Friday from the provincial government. The Club continues to take guidance from public health, the province, cities and Skate Ontario.

Here are a few updates in response to the provincial announcements:

1.  Effective Monday, December 20, 2021:
Requiring proof of vaccination for youth aged 12 to 17 years participating in organized sports at recreational facilities in Waterloo Region.
a.  This means that anyone entering the facility aged 12 and older will need to show proof of vaccine along with personal identification showing name and DOB.
                    i.   Your ID must include your:
                              1.  Name
                              2.  Date of birth
                    Examples of identification that you may use include:
                              •     birth certificate
                              •     driver’s license
                              •     government (Ontario or other) issued identification card
                              •     passport
                              •     citizenship card
                              •     permanent resident (PR) card
                              •     Indian Status Card or Indigenous Membership Card

Right now, this means all youth born from 2009-2004 are ages 12 – 17 in 2021. We await further clarification from the province if skaters are in this age range, and are not currently fully vaccinated, as we understand that this will take time to complete. Therefore, in keeping with the government requirements, if a skater is registered for the winter session and they are not fully vaccinated already, this skater will need to withdraw from the program until they are fully vaccinated. Please see the Club’s Program Withdrawal Policy on the website; 

If your skater is not yet vaccinated, please consider getting them vaccinated in order to keep themselves, and others, safe while enjoying this sport and staying active and healthy.

2.  Effective January 4, 2022:
Requiring the use of the enhanced vaccine certificate with QR code and the Verify Ontario app in settings where proof of vaccination is required. The QR code can be used digitally or by printing a paper copy. Individuals can download their enhanced certificate with QR code by visiting Please download this app onto your phone. People will be using it to verify your vaccination at all arenas across the region.
a. We will no longer be able to accept PDF versions of proof of vaccine as of January 4.

3.  Effective January 10, 2022:
Strengthening the verification process for medical exemptions and clinical trial
exemptions by requiring a certificate with a QR code. Organizations and businesses that are under the provincial proof-of-vaccination system will be advised to no longer accept physician notes as of January 10, 2022.
a. As of January 10th we cannot accept doctor’s notes as exemptions – only a scannable certificate with a QR code The province has warned that there will be more announcements coming in the next few days. So, we will be back in touch when we have more information to share.

4.  Effective December 20, 2021:
In our continued efforts to reduce the spread, we will be returning to a maximum of two(2) spectators per skater in all KWSC programs. It is important that spectators physically distance and wear PPE.

Updates for STAR/Competitive/Synchro Parents:

General updates:
•     PPE and physical distancing continue to be our best defense. Masks are
mandatory in the building everywhere except in a fitness class or on the ice
(including change rooms). Skaters/coaches do not need to wear them when they are exercising (on or off ice) but the Club recommends they do in order to better protect themselves. If you car pool to or from the rink with someone outside your immediate family, please consider wearing a mask.
•     Health screening (can be digital, paper or verbal depending on the rink) must be completed when coming to any KWSC program. If you are feeling ill, please stay home.
•     If your child has been told not to go to school, please do not come to the rink.
•     Continue to inform the coach or if a skater will be absent. We are monitoring attendance carefully. Please let us know if a skater has potentially been exposed or has received any notice from the school or public health about an exposure.
•     FreeSkate Festival has been modified to enable it to continue to run this
Saturday, December 18, 2021. Those who are registered will be notified of these changes. This situation is evolving and the Club may have to postpone this Festival.
•     Skate with Santa was scheduled for Sunday, December 19, 2021. This event will have to be cancelled. Those who are registered will be notified. COVID-19 is the Grinch who stole Skate with Santa. We simply cannot risk that many skaters from that many different cohorts in the building at the same time. This was a difficult decision, but necessary to reduce the risk of these skaters being in isolation or sick at Christmas and to keep skaters, coaches and their families safe.
•     For Kitchener skaters and coaches, please continue to access the spectator health screening survey on the homepage of our website ( or Health Screening

The Club is grateful to all our families who continue to follow precautions in order to keep kids active and safe in this sport they enjoy. Our coaches continue to do all they can to keep our skaters as safe as possible in our programs. I want to thank them for their diligence. Please continue to take care of yourself and those around you. These are the updates as of today. There may be more to come. Thank-you for your patience as we continue to respond to this ever-changing pandemic situation.

Debra Brown
Executive Director
Kitchener Waterloo Skating Club

For regular updates, please go to our website ( and on Facebook

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at 

For more information about COVID-19, please consult the following trusted resources:

Region of Waterloo Public Health -

Ontario Ministry of Health-

Public Health Agency of Canada -

Skate Ontario -

Skate Canada-

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