• STARSkate Test Fees (as per Skate Canada)
    Free Skating STAR 1-5 $12.00 per part
    Dance STAR 1-5 $12.00 per individual dance
    Interpretive STAR 1-5 $12.00 per test
    Skating Skills STAR 1-5 $12.00 per test
    Free Skating STAR 6+ $15.00 per part
    Dance STAR 6+ $15.00 per individual dance
    Interpretive STAR 6+ $15.00 per test
    Skating Skills STAR 6+ $15.00 per test
  • KWSC STAR 1 - 5 Test Procedures
    • Tests are assessed by the coach and can take place any time as discussed between the coach and skater.
    • A KWSC Coach is responsible for printing and filling out the Skate Canada Assessment Sheet and collecting test money from the skater/parent/guardian in advance of the test. The coach must also include their Skate Canada membership number on the assessment sheet.
    • After the test is completed, the coach submits the collected money and completed the assessment sheet in the KWSC Test Day Drop Box.
    • The Coach shall email the KWSC Technical Director to inform her that the assessment sheet and test day fee has been dropped in the Test Day Drop Box, copying the parent/guardian on the email. 
    • KWSC test chair picks up envelopes on the 21st of each month and submits to skate Canada. 
    • The club will then forward the test form and payment to Skate Canada, and if the test was passed, record it on the skater's KWSC membership account.

    * There are no refunds due to missed tests and/or errors 

  • KWSC STAR 6+ Test Procedures
    • Online registration will open 30 days before the formal test day, and will remain open until 15 days before test day at 12:00pm. Parents are to register and pay online. Please ensure the Partner (for Dances), No Music/Music (For Skills), and Title (for Interpretive) are mentioned in comments/notes before completing the payment.
    • Coaches must ensure skaters or parents/guardians of skaters register for the proper test online through the KWSC Membership system. On the day the registration closes, coaches are to review the online registration of all their skaters.
    • The Test Day schedule will be posted both online and around the rink once it is received from the KWSC test chairperson.
    • All of these tests are conducted on scheduled club test days in front of external judges.

    * There are no refunds due to missed tests and/or errors 



LEARN-TO-SKATE and POWER SKATING programs are offered year-round, organized into 4 seasons:

  • Fall: Sep-Dec
  • Winter: Jan-Mar
  • Spring: Apr-Jun
  • Summer: Jun-Aug

You can register separately for each of these seasons.

FIGURE SKATING programs are offered year-round, organized into 3 seasons:

  • Fall/Winter: Sep-Mar
  • Spring: Apr-Jun
  • Summer: Jul-Aug


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